Super smooth beetroot hummus


This houmous humous hummus (?) is so addictive that I can’t believe I have taken time apart from it to write this blog post. It is so creamy, so smooth, so wonderfully yummy. And its also rather simple to make.

The addition of beetroot to hummus was introduced to me by a friend who, I quote, “can’t cook, can only assemble food”. It adds something to the dip that brings it to new flavoursome heights without overpowering it (and also makes it a pretty colour). There is also the warm comforting taste of cumin and nice lemon freshness.

The smoothness is achieved by peeling the chickpeas á la Smitten Kitchen. That’s right, dear reader, I spent 15 minutes peeling chickpeas for you. That is how much you mean to me. It really does work if you want a silky textured hummus, but you can completely skip it if you a) like a more textured dip, b) are short on time, or c) are a sane person who has better things to do.

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Almond caramel chocolate squares


These are scrummy. And did I mention they are gluten free and dairy free? Make them for the gluten/dairy free person in your life. If you don’t have one of these people, make them anyway and eat them.

They are basically an almond version of millionaires shortbread. If you like almonds, you will like these (unless you don’t like chocolate, or something…). The base is literally the easiest biscuit base to make, like, ever. All you need is a bowl, a packet of ground almonds, oil, honey and a spoon. The caramel layer is also pretty easy as your food processor does all the work. The most strenuous activity is probably cutting dates in half to remove their stones, and I think we can manage that, right? In keeping with the theme, making the chocolate topping is easy! All you need to do is melt stuff.

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Sweet mini peppers and tomatoes stuffed with ricotta, mascarpone and basil

P1010990 (2)

This weekend I begun my 21st birthday celebrations. It is, admittedly, somewhat early, seeing as it is nearly 2 weeks away, but this weekend was the only one where everyone was available for a dinner party. My group of friends repeatedly told me that I was mad, wanting to cook for them to celebrate my birthday. But I enjoyed myself so much that it was like an extra little present that they let me make the food.

This recipe is for the starter, consisting of these beautiful stuffed peppers and tomatoes that I served with a rosemary and olive oil bread and garnished with some fresh basil leaves. The filling is so amazing. It’s creamy and packed with flavour, but is still light and fresh, making it perfect for the first course of a long meal.

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Mum’s Drop Scones


I know, I know, it’s been a while. I have been very disorganised in both cooking and photography. I feel bad about not posting regularly, but hopefully these adorable little pancakes will make anyone who is upset by the absence of blog-posts forgive me.

This is my Mum’s recipe for her go to breakfast to force coax me and my brother out of our beds on Sunday mornings. It was always very successful. These drop scones are the sort of breakfast that make you want to sing “yummy yummy yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy…” – or though maybe you’re just joining in with what your mum is singing while she cooks them… Seriously, though, sweet and fluffy, they are the start of a good day. I like mine with golden syrup and fresh berries, but they are gorgeous on their own, too.

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Blackberry scones + blackberry and lemon jam


I recently went blackberry picking with my mum on the common near where she lives. The blackberries were out in full force and most of them tasted delicious, with the occasional pout-inducingly sharp one . The biggest, juiciest berries always seem to be at the top of the bushes, and with neither of us measuring more then five feet, it is a little bit of a challenge to get the best ones. Nevertheless, I think we did rather well, with enough blackberries for me to make scones to take to a 12 person barbecue and accompanying jam.

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